Frustrating day.

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Today was lack-luster. I can't wait until Wednesday of finals week has come!

This is a short post, not much introspection happened recently. I'll keep you posted.
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For you, Firefox+Greasemonkey People...

  1. Get Firefox (currently

  2. Get GreaseMonkey (currently 0.6.8.x)

  3. Get my script (currently 0.9)

This script allows Firefox users to automatically post to their journals in Friends-Only security, and set default screening for comments too.

To change the settings, while at your edit page (and only there), select Tools > Greasemonkey > User script commands > Set _____.

Any questions or suggestions: leave a comment! :-D
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When a game's not a game...

I rolled my ankle today playing HvZ. Hardcore. Now, I'm gimped for the rest of the game, if not for much long after. So here's the plan: I'm a meatsack. I'm not going to try to attack/extraneously-defend myself anymore. School and my ability to transport my sorry buttocks between classes is much more important than this game. No more stupid paranoia or long-evasive-trips home.
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Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's that time of year again. When men forgo all their other obligations to watch the greatest game on earth: American FOOTBALL! That tried-and-true knock-down-drag-out beat-'em-up that millions of people watch and billions of dollars exchange hands for.

This year it's the Indianapolis Colts vs the Chicago Bears. Who the hell would have thought?! Certainly Vegas was sick and tired of seeing the AFC regular Patriots back in the proverbial ring. Instead, Tony Dungee and his AFC all-stars face Lovie Smith (Kind of a gay name; don't you think?) and the best-of-the-rest NFC.

Super Tecmo Bowl has determined the winner to be none other thanCollapse )

I think it's time to watch some beer commercial re-runs now...(Oh, and don't let me forget to videotape this year's GoDaddy ad; ok?)
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